Neuer Kurs: Entdecke das Potenzial von Adobe Lightroom mobile im Workflow für Fotografen

Adobe Lightroom mobile bietet in seiner neusten Version grossartige Möglichkeiten für den professionellen Fotografen seinen Workflow unterwegs nahtlos in den Workflow im Studio zu integrieren. In meinem neuen Kurs erfahrt Ihr alles Wissenswerte darüber:

Details und Anmeldung Light + Byte: Kurs Adobe Lightroom mobile

Details und Anmeldung Zentrum Bildung, Wirtschaftsschule KV Baden: Kurs Adobe Lightroom mobile


Ich freue mich auf zahlreiche TeilnehmerInnen!


Vergangene Kurse:

Viele Fotografen arbeiten mit einem Workflow und Backup-Konzept, das sie vor Jahren erstellt und nie mehr überprüft haben. Einsteiger in die Fotografie fragen sich wie sie ihre Daten organisieren und sichern sollen. Lernen Sie in diesem praxisnahen Kurs die Grundlagen einer Workflow- und Backup-Strategie mit der Sie sicher und effizient arbeiten und sich vor Datenverlust schützen.

Kurs für Fotografen in Bern

Workflow- und Backup-Strategie – Sicheres und effizientes Arbeiten für Fotografen

Sie verstehen die Grundlagen einer professionellen Workflow- und Backup-Strategie und können diese in Ihrem eigenen Umfeld umsetzen.

Dieser praxisbezogene Kurs richtet sich an Fotografen, die ihre Bilder effizienter organisieren, mit professionellen Backups schützen und sicher archivieren wollen. Ideal z.B. für Event-, Sport- und Hochzeitsfotografen, die grosse Datenmengen in kurzer Zeit verarbeiten müssen und Studio-Fotografen, die auf langfristige Datensicherheit Wert legen.

Vorausgesetzt werden grundlegendes Verständnis von Computer und Kamera. Erfahrungen mit Adobe Lightroom sind von Vorteil. Der eigene Computer kann mitgebracht werden, ist aber nicht Bedingung.

– Übersicht aktuelle Hardware/Software
– Datenstrukturierung
– Workflow überprüfen. Flaschenhals, Sicherheitslücken und Fehlerquellen identifizieren
– Grundlagen einer Backup-Strategie
– Archivieren und Archivpflege
– Datenverifizierung und Datenkorruption
– DNG vs. RAW
– Praktische Tipps

Bern (Gehdistanz zum Bahnhof)

Mittwoch, 27. April 2016, 18:00 – 21:30 Uhr

Daniel Zihlmann
Fotograf SBF, Kursleiter Light + Byte und offizieller Fuji X-Photographer

Der Kurs wird ab 4 Teilnehmern durchgeführt (max. 8 Teilnehmer)

CHF 195.- (zahlbar am Kurstag)

Anmeldung und Fragen
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Legendary Portrait Photographer Mary Ellen Mark dies at 75

My way into wedding photography was led by my interest in documentary photography and photojournalism. I have never seen wedding photography than anything else. It’s just a niche in social documentary photography.

When I grew up as a teenager I spent a lot of time in libraries, but more often you would find me in book stores in the art department, standing in front of the shelves filled with the most amazing photography books. In the time before the internet and millions of resources available, that’s where I studied the work of Magnum, René Burri, Robert Frank, Annie Leibovitz, Mark Seliger, Anton Corbijn and also: Mary Ellen Mark.

Mary Ellen Mark


I remember flipping through Mary Ellen Mark’s book Falkland Road: Prostitutes of Bombay, unable to understand how one could get access to people to be able to photograph such intimate images. I was also amazed by her book Indian Circus. The cover with the elephant stuck in my head for years. Unfortunately at the time I didn’t have the money to buy all these books and later they disappeared from the book shelves as time went by. Still, from time to time I was able to find one of those books that were an early inspiration to me on the flea market. I’m happy that “Indian Circus” is part of my photo book collection today.

Many years after those days and being a photographer myself in the meantime, I got a call from a friend. That got a call from a friend. Telling me that Mary Ellen Mark was in Switzerland right now, teaching a class and holding a private lecture this evening in Vevey at the l’école de photographie. Sure enough I took the next train to Vevey which is always worth a visit anyway. Only about 20 people where following here lecture when she shared Prom, here latest project at the time, and some of her other work.

Later after the lecture everyone went to have lunch at a nice little restaurant in Vevey and my friend and I were lucky enough to sit just next to Mary Ellen Mark at the table. She was such a nice elderly lady, charming and interested in everything and everyone. And I will never forget when she was finishing the food from my friend’s plate. As you would do from your friend’s, right?

R.I.P Mary Ellen Mark

Percussions Recording Session Made Easy

It’s always said that Berne is a city of music and bands. This usually relates to the amount of Swiss bands that sing in the Swiss German language and more specific in the Bernese German dialect, as the bands Züri West and Patent Ochsner to mention the most famous ones. But as much as a lot of famous Swiss bands come from this town, there is also plenty of other music created in cellars and warehouses. Like Alternative music.

Alternative Music Photographer Recording Session Black And White

This weekend I was not following a bride & groom with my camera, but a percussions recording session in a warehouse music studio instead.

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Happy Birthday!

Your birthday is always a great day. Especially if it’s the first one. Did I mention this little kid is excited having his picture taken?

Baby Foto Lachen Schreien Geburtstag Farbe

And who said you have to eat the birthday cake anyway? It’s as fun just to play with it! :-) Hit the link if you want to see more images.

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It’s all about LOVE

Sometimes not only the weather on a wedding day is extraordinary. Also the people are.

groom photo sleeve tattoo black and white bräutigam tätowierung

Whatever you expect from a winter wedding in Switzerland, you might be wrong. Winter in Switzerland doesn’t always mean 1-2 meters of snow and temperatures below zero. As tourists usually think. And not all of Switzerland is covered with mountains by the way. This is another misunderstanding.

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A Life in New York: Sophia & Rolf

It was a beautiful sunny and warm spring day in New York City. Perfect to wander around and photograph a relaxed engagement session with Sophia & Rolf. As it was not my first trip to New York I know the city quite a bit and have some ideas where I would like to shoot. But when it comes to photograph a couple session I always first ask the couple what they like to do together and where they spend their time. Any hobbies, any favorite places to go? This gives me an idea of who they are and how I can photograph them so the pictures will really have a special meaning to them.

new york central park kissing couple photo

After checking out Battery Park, which was Sophia & Rolf’s first choice, I did some location scouting the day before. Quickly I noticed that this might not be the best place to go as there was heavy construction working going on at the time. Letting them know my thoughts they immediately decided to start the photo session at Times Square and later move on to the Central Park to catch the last rays of sunlight.

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Beginners Guide: Webhosting For Your Photography Website

If you’re just starting out in the wedding photography business, you might have a thousand questions. Website, blog, social media, picture galleries, wedding albums, proofing, domains, FTP, IMAP etc. etc. What the heck does it all mean and how does it work?? How can I put all this together?? I had the same questions when I started out. The best solution is like always: Ask someone. Ask a wedding photographer friend. You don’t have one? Well then, the first step is to go out and make some friends. Get in touch, connect and build a network. You will need it later.

Hochzeitsfotograf Luzern Foto

My first friend in the wedding photography business was Richard Overtoom. Richard was kind enough to explain me where I could get a decent website, how a proofing service works and what album companies I should check out. I’m still thankful for his invaluable help. And we are still dear friends.

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Fotograf Bern | Photographer Berne Switzerland

On a gray day in Berne, Switzerland. As it stopped raining in the afternoon a lot of people enjoyed this feast day in the city. Kids were playing on the Bundesplatz, adults discussing hot political topics. Don’t worry, these guys were good friends and had an excited discussion for quite some time.

Happy Sunday! And keep in mind, a picture doesn’t always say more than a thousand words.

By Daniel Zihlmann

Fotograf Hochzeit Bern | Wedding Photographer Switzerland

It was spring in Switzerland when I photographed Tanja & Daniel’s engagement session in Berne this week. A perfect day. A warm evening. And a relaxed and funny couple.

Love is in the air.

By Daniel Zihlmann

Fotograf Hochzeit Gstaad | Wedding Photographer Switzerland

Braut Fotograf Hochzeit Gstaad Palace Bride

Usually my clients book me to cover their complete wedding day. As wedding ceremonies in Switzerland tend to be around noon, this means that I will start photographing early in the morning with the bride getting ready and leave after midnight when the party has started and the craziness has conquered the dance floor. So my shooting time can easily extend to around 16 to 18 hours, without any noteworthy break. This is not only exhausting for your body, but also for your mind as you have to stay concentrated and focused for so many hours.

It’s rather rare that a bride doesn’t want me to photograph her getting ready for the wedding day. Emily asked me to refrain from these images as she was too nervous she said. Of course I fully respected her wish and stayed away. Later as she was waiting under the shade of an umbrella for everyone being ready for her entrance, I watched her narrowly. I noticed how it seemed difficult for her to breath. When she was walking down the aisle with her father a couple of minutes later not only the white, soft carpet on the lawn made it difficult for her to walk, but also her weak knees. Her father did a good job in supporting her with his firm arm and it’s great to see the joy in their faces on this wonderful late summer day at the Gstaad Palace.

By Hochzeitsfotograf Daniel Zihlmann